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What are Caregiver Hosted Parties?

Caregiver hosted parties are events organized, donated, and hosted by a caregiver or a group of caregivers. They are a GREAT way to build community while raising money for our amazing school. You choose what type of party you would like to host (see ideas below), set the number of attendees, and host! As a host, you are responsible for all expenses associated with the party and the money raised from ticket sales supports Skinner North. 

Some Examples of 2023 Caregiver Hosted Parties:

· Final Four Basketball Tournament Watch Party for 4th grade families (March 2023)

· Playground Meetup with Games and Treats for 1st grade families (July 2023)

· Tacos & Tequila Party for 6th grade caregivers (September 2023)


How do I get started?


· Work with a few other caregivers to host or host on your own

· Pick a fun party theme or activity. The more excited you are about it, the more excited everyone else will be!

· Set the maximum number of attendees

· Set the amount per ticket (kid parties should cost between $20-40 per ticket; adult ticket prices depend on the event but generally range from $50-$100 per ticket).

· Determine the date for the event and include a rain date if it's outside. Parties can be during this school year, the upcoming summer, or in the fall/early winter of next year.


Talk up your party to families in your class! The grade level party information will also be sent through room parents. Tickets will be available as part of the Starry Night silent auction. 


Finalize the event details and submit information on this form


Have fun! Get to know other families and build a stronger community by spending time together. 

Ideas for Kid Parties:

·  Scavenger hunts around a neighborhood

·  Parties at local venues like science labs, bowling, trampoline parks, and ninja places (think birthday party venues)

·  Gathering at a park for a specific activity or game

·  Sporting events like Cubs, Sox, Bulls,

·  Crafting (painting party, making jewelry, knitting)

·  Game night

·  Beach or pool party


Ideas for Adult Parties:

·  Playing a sport or an exercise class (kickball, pickleball, tennis, basketball), yoga, Pilates, Orangetheory 

·  Wine, cocktail, or foodie experience (chef tasting, cooking class, food truck, margarita party, scotch tasting)

·  Theater, symphony, or ballet outing

·  Spa day

·  Dinner at a unique restaurant or in a private room

·  Watching a sporting event together - tailgate party

·  Brunch 

·  River cruise or sailing

·  Themed house party (80s prom, masquerade, rock star, red carpet)

·  Sporting events like Cubs, Sox, Bulls, Fire games

·  Poker night or game night

·  Golf event 

·  Garage party

·  Axe throwing

·  Murder mystery or escape room 

·  Backyard BBQ

·  Specific food theme (crawfish boil, high tea)

NEED HELP? HAVE QUESTIONS? Email Emily Friend at or text her: 847-902-0377.

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