We are a parent action team with a mission: to build an active community of parents who support Skinner North students, teachers, and staff throughout the year. We work to fuel the academic, social, and financial growth of our school.


A high level of parent involvement is one of the reasons Skinner North is such a wonderful environment for our children. Learn about what FoSN does for our school and how your talents, time and financial support can help our students and teachers reach for the stars!


Building our Skinner North community and giving our teachers the resources they need to help our children reach for the stars are pretty big goals. We can get there, step by step, with the participation of our entire community.

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It is the mission of the Arts Committee to promote positive connections between the broader arts community, teaching staff and parents, as well as to create an arts culture at Skinner North where the visual and performing arts are recognized, valued and experienced by all Skinner North Students. The Arts committee provides volunteers to assist the needs of the art and music teachers at Skinner North, builds permanent art displays to beautify the school and brings professional performances and workshops to the school so that all four art forms (visual art, music, theater and dance) can be represented. 


This committee will review the financial health, use of funds and prepare financial reports as needed for the Friends of Skinner North.


This committee's goal is to create marketing materials, newsletters, and to manage and develop the FoSN website and its contents.

Community Relations

This committee connects with businesses, social and government outreach programs, including community neighbors, Chicago Park District, Chicago Housing Authority, Police and Fire Departments, and our Alderman. We foster working relationships with other schools and signature community partners. Please let FOSN know if you would like to be involved with NNUP - we are looking for some parents to be involved in some of the committees. 


This committee's goal is raising funds to supplement and support the Friends of Skinner North's Annual Budget, which may include resources for technology, science, arts, etc. This is done through the 3 main Fundraisers held each year, Walk-a-Thon, Bridge the Gap and Starry Night. The Fundraising Committee will also have a subcommittee, which includes Grant Research and Grant Writing to support the needs of the school.

LSC and School Committees

In addition to FoSN Committees, Skinner North also has an elected Local School Council (LSC). This group works with the administration to allocate district funds, make a school improvement plan, and evaluate the school's principal. Several committees fall under the purview of the LSC since they relate to either school curricula or district mandates. They include:


This committee will build a sense of service within and outside our school, bring in outside volunteers to improve our school, and also expose our school community to volunteer service beyond Skinner North. Contact us if you have ideas for community or school-based service projects or are interested in volunteering with your child(ren) and other Skinner North families.


The social committee will organize and execute social events for Skinner North. The main goal is to plan fun events that are enjoyable and will develop a sense of community amongst our families at Skinner North. 

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