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Get To Know
Friends of Skinner North

FoSN builds an active community of parents to support Skinner North teachers, students, and staff.


A high level of parent involvement is one of the reasons Skinner North is such a wonderful environment for our children. Learn about what FoSN does for our school and how your talents, time, and financial support can help our students and teachers reach for the stars!


Building our Skinner North community and giving our teachers the resources they need to help our children reach for the stars are pretty big goals. We can get there step by step with the participation of our entire community.

If you are interested in joining our team, please email

2023 -2024  Officers

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Mina Dalal
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Daniel Bond
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Ross Bendik
Susannah York

Vice President

2023-2024   Committees

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Claudia Negrut

Promotes positive connections among the broader arts community, teaching, staff and parents to create an arts culture at Skinner North where the visual and performing arts are recognized, valued, and experienced by all Skinner North students.


Reviews the financial health, use of funds, and prepares financial reports as needed for FoSN.

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Katherine Smith​ & Joanne Mesleh

Creates newsletters, marketing materials, and manages FoSN's website & social media. 


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Community Relations

Olga Abezgauz

Connects with businesses, social and government outreach programs; including community neighbors, Chicago Park District, Chicago Housing Authority, Police and Fire Departments, and our Alderman. We foster working relationships with other schools and signature community partners. 

Please let FoSN know if you would like to be involved with NNUP. We are looking for parents to be involved in some of the committees. 

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Raises funds to supplement and support FoSN's annual budget, while partnering with Skinner North administration to finance essentials that the CPS budget does not consistently cover which may include resources for technology, science, arts, etc. 

This is done through 3 main fundraisers held each year; Walk-A-Thon, Bridge the Gap, and Starry Night. The Fundraising Committee also has a subcommittee, which includes Grant Research and Grant Writing to support the needs of the school.

  • Walk-a-thon: Rutu Bole

  • Starry Night: Lindsey Marcus & Liz Pardee

  • Bridge the Gap: Adam York


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Hardik Dalal

Builds a sense of service within and outside our school, brings in outside volunteers to improve our school, and exposes our school community to volunteer service beyond Skinner North. 

Contact us if you have ideas for community or school-based service projects or are interested in volunteering with your child(ren) and other Skinner North families. 


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Open Chair

Organizes and executes social events that are enjoyable and will develop a sense of community amongst our families at Skinner North.

The legacy of parent and community support through FoSN has been key to Skinner North's success, providing the funds we need for learning, laughter, and making memories. 

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