How Can I Donate?

  • Donate via Zelle (no fees!) – Donate via Zelle (no fees!) – Use Please include “Bridge the Gap,” your email address, and student’s homeroom number in the memo section.

  • Donate via Credit Card/PayPal You can donate in any amount using your bank or credit card using PayPal. You can also set up a recurring donation. Just click the gold donate button or one of the donation boxes below!


Please note that a 2.9% PayPal fee will be added to all credit card transactions. We are working hard to ensure that we can provide our school with as close to 100% of the proceeds as possible. Thank you for understanding.
  • Donate via Check – While not preferred due to the remote learning environment, we are able to accept donations via check. Complete the form below and include with your check. Checks should be made payable to Friends of Skinner North and mailed to the school address with the below form: Friends of Skinner North / 640 W Scott Street / Chicago, IL / 60610 


  • Employer Match - Further your Skinner North Impact by asking if your employer matches donations - a $50 donation from your family can turn into a whopping $200 or more for Skinner North! 

Remember, your donation is tax-deductible! (FEIN 27-3567428). 

Questions? Email

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Friends of Skinner North (“FoSN”) hosts three major fundraisers each academic year:

  1. Walk-A-Thon & Fitness Challenge is a fun and healthy student fundraiser promoting Community & Wellness. The Walk-A-Thon & Fitness Challenge is hosted in the fall. Given remote schooling and the current public health crisis, this event has been indefinitely postponed. 

  2. Starry Night is an adult-only gala featuring a live auction, silent auction, raffle, carnival style games, and more. Starry Night is hosted in the spring and is the largest fundraiser of the year. Within two weeks of the spring 2020 Starry Night gala, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the sudden closure of CPS. While FoSN swiftly pivoted platforms and hosted a successful virtual Starry Night event, funds raised (~$60K) were two-thirds of the goal set for the live event ($100K). Given the public health crisis and accompanying requirements for distancing, outlook for a live 2021 Starry Night gala grows increasingly unlikely. 

  3. FoSN’s third major fundraiser is Bridge The Gap (described below). While FoSN hopes to be able to hold other fundraisers during the 2020-2021 school year, it is possible that this will be the only FoSN fundraising opportunity this year. 


FoSN funds are used to build and maintain the Skinner North community! FoSN supplements and supports Skinner North teachers, staff, and administration with resources they require to provide our students with the best experiences, opportunities, and education possible. FoSN also maintains a necessary financial reserve target which is 10% of Skinner North’s operating budget. FoSN has been diligent in recent years in building a surplus financial reserve above the target in order to fund several planned projects. This diligence combined with your generous giving allowed for completion of the following improvements: “We All Live Here” installation to the building facade; purchase of working scoreboard for the gymnasium and equipment to improve student’s fitness experiences; upgrade to acoustics, lighting, and AV equipment in the auditorium; telecommunications and technology enhancements in key areas of the facility; and investment in Skinner North’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programming, which is underway. Funding of these upgrades were in addition to standard annual expenses which FoSN covers under their annual operating budget. Some of these annual expenses include: classroom supplies; teacher stipends; professional development; student and teacher subscriptions; books; community workshops; Wellness initiatives; curriculum purchases; field trips; and essentials for school functions like International Night and Art Fair, etc.


For the first time in many years, decrease in revenue during the 2019-2020 academic year and expectation that fundraising will be significantly impaired leading to revenues lower than projected for the 2020-2021 academic year, the FoSN financial reserve balance will dip below the target. 


FoSN’s operating budget is approximately $115K. Actual expenses this year may exceed those projected within the budget as a result of the current uncertainty and unknowns. For example, unbudgeted expenses have arisen to prepare for and enhance the Skinner North remote learning experience. Some of these unbudgeted remote learning expenses include: online subscriptions and curriculum; visual/sensory tool kits for home learners; full sets of reading books so students can read physical books at home as opposed to spending more time on the screen; essentials to assist teachers in their remote environment (technology, stands, desk chairs, software, etc.); and staff morale items (yard signs for every staff member). FoSN also anticipates potential expenses related to “return to school” preparations when the time comes. Lastly, given underlying City of Chicago deficits and budget negotiations, there is concern that CPS funding could potentially decrease in years to come. 


FoSN has historically set fundraising goals for stated purposes (i.e. 2019-2020 Bridge The Gap campaign was applied towards the “We All Live Here” installation). This year, FoSN is fundraising for the sole purpose of budgeting for the uncertainty and unknowns that may arise during this novel time. 


The gap between the Chicago Public Schools budget and the school’s needs grows each year. FoSN helps bridge this gap by purchasing supplies, equipment, software, curriculum, facilities improvements and other items that our students and teachers need every day. Funds raised are used to cover school expenses not covered by the CPS budget. 

Bridge the Gap is an annual drive that allows families to make a tax-deductible donation to FoSN, which enables the administration to plan for the next academic year and meet our school's growing needs. The legacy of parent and community support through FoSN is key to Skinner North's success, providing the funds we need for learning, laughter, and making memories. Bridge the Gap has a fundraising goal of $50,000 for 2020-2021.


Unlike other Chicago public schools, we do not have a suggested minimum donation. We understand each family’s situation is different, so we ask families to give what they are comfortable with – every dollar makes a difference and no amount is too small to make an impact within our Skinner North community! We are aware that many hardships have arisen as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. This year more than ever, we want to emphasize that, as always, participation is optional.