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Mystery Box Raffle Results

May 20, 2020

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QED Math Symposium

December 8, 2017


Last Saturday, twenty-five of our Skinner North 7th and 8th graders participated in the annual QED Math Symposium at Walter Payton College Prep. Our students, who had been working hard on their math-related projects over the past few months, had the opportunity to present and defend their projects in front of judges at the symposium. Our school was well presented, with a strong showing among our participants and all were recognized for their contributions.


Congrats to the following students for their hard work on their projects and for representing Skinner North so well in this year’s QED:


Alexis & Ciara – Growing Painted Cube Problem
Amelia & Emily – An Equation for Factors
Eva & Mora – The Jumping Frogs
Frank – A Pokemon Go Formula
Gabby - 1,2,3,4 Consecutive Integers Is What I'm For!
Griffin & Ray – McGuire the Gathering: Probability
Henry & Nathan – Pascal’s Triangle: Reformatted
Hollis & Joseph – Solar States
Isabel & Sam – Pendulum Painting
Izaak & Will – Patterns in Bulgaria
Jaiden - Torus Tic-Tac-Toe
Kaedyn & Ozzie – Intuitive Guide to Cops & Robbers
Muhammad – How to Win at Nim
Sean - Sirpenski’s Area
Samee - Triangulating the Bullseye
Shreyas – Folding/Cutting Paper Outcomes


A special kudos to Jaiden, Samee & Sean, who each received the Highly Distinguished Math Research award. In addition, Sean and Samee were 2 of 6 middle school students invited to participate in the Chicago Exhibition of Student STEM Research in 2018.


Congrats to all!