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We are so excited to share the Skinner North Virtual Talent Show!!

June 3, 2020

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Skinner North Cross Country 2017!

November 6, 2017

Congrats to our Skinner North Cross Country team who recently wrapped up their season with nine members qualifying for the CPS City Championships at Washington Park.  All put forth a strong effort with great results including:


  • Isabel T. placing 31 out of 192 7/8th grade girls in the 1.5 mile event

  • Lily G. placing 35 out of 200 5/6th grade girls in the 1 mile event

  • Paul N. placing 17th out of 214 5/6th grade boys in the 1 mile event

  • Oliver G. placing 28th out of 214 5/6th grade boys in the 1 mile event

  • Nathal B. placing 21th out of 214 5/6th grade boys in the 1 mile event

A special “kudos” to our Boys 5/6th grade boys team consisting of Eli B., Nathal B., Miles G., Oliver G., Vincent M., Paul N. and Henry R. who were able to secure an incredible 2nd place finish for Skinner North’s 5/6th boys team!

All 35 members of this year’s team worked hard all season long, training twice a week to compete throughout the fall (even in less than ideal weather conditions).  Congrats to all members of our Cross Country team on a fun and successful season!  And a big “THANK YOU” to Coach Ridgeway and Coach Gleason for their positive energy, encouragement and dedication to our team!


5/6 Girls                  

Samantha B.

Alexandra B.

Natalie C.

Sofia E.                    

Meili F.

Lydia F.                    

Bridget G.

Lillian G.

Greta L.

Alisha V.                  

Kallie W.


5/6 Boys                  

Sebastian B.            

Nathal B.

Eli B.                        

Aubrey C.                 

Sean C.                    

Preston E.                 

Miles G.

Oliver G.

Erik H.

Dillon J.

Miles J.                    

Vincent M.                

Paul N.

Henry R.

Umar S.


7/8 Girls

Gabrielle G.

Isabel T.

Skye W.


7/8 Boys

Finn B.

Harry D. 

Ben O.

Ray S.

Sam V. 

Shreyas V.