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Diversity Committee Summer Workshop Series
Beyond Black & White: Asian-Americans and Racial Justice
Tuesday, July 14th


If you haven't don...

Beyond Black & White: Asian-Americans and Racial Justice Workshop - July 14th

July 6, 2020

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Bateman Chess Tournament Results

October 23, 2017


Wow, what a fantastic day for our team! Twenty-five Skinner North children played in the Bateman tournament this weekend; that's 56% more than last year. Our team included Elaine C and Ryan S playing in their first tournaments ever with Skinner North. We are so glad both of you could attend. Welcome to our team! It appears that everyone had a lot of fun and enjoyed playing chess and enjoyed each others company and enjoyed pizza provided by our gracious hosts. I saw Reva A and her opponent skipping away from the board together after one round. 😀


We had a very successful day. Our K-4 Novice team and our Advanced team each won first place! Our 5-8 team won second place with just the minimum number of players needed for a full team - so, special congratulations to Doug Z, MeiLi F, Paul S and Simon B on earning that team trophy. 🏆 Truly every point counted. In fact, Doug Z's final round game was one of the last games to finish. Had he lost, our team would not have earned that trophy. Congratulations to all 25 of our children. Each one was on a trophy winning team.


We also had a lot of strong individual performances. In the K-4 section, Elaine C won the 1st place trophy with a perfect 5.0 score and a blitz win against a child from Decatur who also had a 5.0!! Matt C, Mitchell A, Niccolo L and Siddarth M all earned individual trophies with 4.0 points each. In the 5-8 section, Simon B and Paul S each won individual trophies with 4.0 points. In the Advanced section Leon C won a trophy scoring 4.0, Jack H won a trophy scoring 3.5 and Andy C won a medal with a score of 3.0. Please join me in congratulating all our individual winners. 


The next tournament


The CPS K-12 All-Stars tournament will be held on October 28th. This is is a new tournament sponsored by CPS. If your child will attend, you must register them by 12:00 noon on October 23rd at CPS K-12 All-Stars. They must check in at Chicago Vocational HS before 9:00 am to play all rounds. Anyone who wants to attend this free tournament can register and go. The flyer is attached. CPS will even provide a free lunch for your child!


Can't wait until 10/28 for another tournament? You are in luck! Chess-Ed's Kumbaya tournament will be next Sunday in Skokie. Follow the link for tournament details and to sign up. October 22nd Kumbaya tournament This tournament has both rated and unrated sections, so everyone can play. 


Upcoming tournaments 


Chicago Chess Foundation (CCF) sponsors six free tournaments during the school year. These six tournaments are the core of our team's schedule. Locations are not yet set but the dates are now set as  follows:

  • November 18th

  • December 16th

  • January 13th

  • February 10th

  • April 14th

  • May 19th