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Diversity Committee Summer Workshop Series
Beyond Black & White: Asian-Americans and Racial Justice
Tuesday, July 14th


If you haven't don...

Beyond Black & White: Asian-Americans and Racial Justice Workshop - July 14th

July 6, 2020

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Skinner North's First Chess Tournament

September 25, 2017


Skinner North held its first-ever chess tournament on Saturday, September 16. Our tournament included 29 of the 45 kids who have already indicated they want to be part of this year's chess team and 9 other Skinner North students who we hope will join our team too. We had many new players participating in their first ever tournament with our team: Reva A, Aryaa G, Shefali G, Leo H, Grant H, Nikolas L, Grant L, Anjali M, Julian M, Charlie S, Mark S, Elaine T, Ellen T, William T, Daksh V, Triniti W, Carter W, Cedric Z and Max Z. That's 19 kids in their first chess tournaments! We saw lots of smiles and we hope everyone had a great time. Our Wednesday workshop instructor, Shiva, even came by and gave a quick lesson during a delay between rounds 4 and 5. Thank you for appearing at just the right time, Shiva!

We are grateful for all the support and encouragement we received from Dr. Magnuson and Mrs. Spicer. FoSN provided funding that allowed us to purchase trophies and designed and distributed materials to announce our tournament to the entire Skinner North community. Mr. Santillan ensured that we could run our tournament software program with the school's printer. Ms. Cox was the leader running the tournament playing room (and she is again managing the Wednesday workshops too). Ding Cao stepped forward and joined our coaching staff. All the parents and the children were patient and kind and made our day so much fun. Thank you everyone for helping us make this event happen. 


Jack H won the first place trophy with a perfect 5.0 score. Six players tied for 2nd with scores of 4.0. Based on standard tiebreakers, Andy C won 2nd place, Mitchell A won 3rd place, Leon C won 4th place and Niccolo L won the 5th place trophy. Congratulations to all our trophy winners on their hard won victories! Leo H finished 6th and collected a medal as did Mark S who finished 7th. Our two medal winners have both only been Skinner North students for less than 2 weeks. What a great beginning for both of them!