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Silent Auction March 26 - 28 & Starry Night Rescheduled to Friday, June 12th, 2020

March 17, 2020

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CPS Open House Events

September 28, 2014

CPS Open House Events 
The season for Open House events at Selective Enrollment High Schools (9th-12th grade) and Academic Centers (7th-8th grade) is here again! Click here for the published schedule of CPS Open Houses.  


Attached here is the schedule from CPS for Open Houses with the dates ranging from Oct 8 to Nov 15th.  You may want to arrive early at some open house as schools like Northside and Peyton have long lines to get it - and there were 30-60+ minute long lines last year.  Some schools like Northside have some parking, others like Peyton and Young do not.


Here are the Selective Enrollment High School school websites to help make it easier to plan and check them out -





Lindblom:  Academic Center for Lindblom: Open House = 10am to 11:30am on Saturday Nov 1st

Lane Tech: Academic Center for Lane Tech Open House = 10am to 12pm on Sunday Nov 2nd

North Side:


South Shore:


Young: Academic Center for Young: Open House = 10am to 12pm on Sunday Oct 19th


Open Houses for these (and other) High Schools & Academic Centers, as every year there are always schedule conflicts with two or more open houses on the same day/time, you may want to get started years earlier!  Never to early to start planning, so some recommend starting as early as 3rd or 4th grade - so by the time 5th & 6th grade comes along you have your priority choices made. 

Note: Three elements to determine admission to selective enrollment Academic Centers (AC) for 7th grade are:

1) 5th grade - Grades

2) 5th grade - Spring State Test

3) 6th grade - fall/winter AC Admissions Test


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