Turn everyday shopping dollars into a donation to Skinner North just by shopping with our partners. Remember – your family and friends can participate too – sign them up and share this page with them!   To much to remember?  Create a contact in your phone for "Skinner Money".  Don't forget to share.


Questions or Ideas for new programs?  Send an email to



Shop from Amazon through the website and FoSN will earn up to 15% cash back. Click the icon to the left or the button below.


You will need to always visit Amazon via the icon or button for FoSN to receive credit.

Box Tops

Save your Box Tops! Encourage your family, friends, office, etc. to save as well. This small stamp-sized item earns FOSN enough to send 3 classes on a field trip.  You can also download the App and scan your receipts.

Click on and search Friends of Skinner North.  Then link your Amazon account.  Amazon donates .5% for every purchase. Sign up your friends, family and coworkers as well!

Office Depot

Use member #5148669145 and the school receives back 1 point for every $ spend. Can't remember the member number? Use phone number 640-640-6400 (school address). 

Labels for Education

Collect UPC's and beverage/sauce caps from over 2,500 participating products, our school earns point that can redeemed for Arts, Athletics, and Academic merchandise.

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